Bible Explored

Have you ever wondered “what does the Bible really say”? What’s it all about?

Why not join us on our Bible Explored program?

The Bible Explored program is for anyone who is curious about the Bible and wants to explore it informally with a small group of other people.  Whether you have experience with the Bible, with Christianity, with church, or none at all this program is designed for you. 

Everyone is welcome. A wide variety of people with different experiences, backgrounds and different worldviews and beliefs come to the Bible Explored program.   Your background, culture and beliefs will be respected. 

Bible Explored is a helpful mix of teaching, small-group discussion, and ‘homework’. It’s a safe place to ask any questions you have about the Bible, about God, about life and death, heaven and hell. A free workbook is yours to record your thoughts and ideas, your questions and answers. It will be a life-changing journey.

We hope you’ll join us!