Necessity of Prayer – Ukraine

As headlines and social media continue to bring us coverage of the horror that has been happening in Ukraine, it’s easy to be discouraged and drained by all the devastation and the loss of life. If there is anything our world desperately needs right now it is prayer. Prayer for help and hope in the suffering, prayer for repentance of sins, prayers that those behind this attack would turn from evil and towards Christ. While we are praying for the people of Ukraine, let us not forget to also be in prayer for the Russian believers who are on a difficult road of their own.

Some of us may also be looking for tangible ways to help on the ground in Ukraine. A few weeks ago, Rev. Wes Bredenhof, minister of the Free Reformed Church of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia blogged about some options he’s aware of and also left the comments open for other suggestions. If you’re wondering about some ways to help Ukrainians who remain or have fled Ukraine, I encourage you to check out the organizations mentioned here.

~Megan Van Andel