One life. What’s it all about?

Maybe you went to church when you were younger, or maybe you’ve never been.

Perhaps you have lots of questions to ask, or perhaps you’d rather just sit and listen.

You might think of yourself as a confused Christian or a convinced atheist or somewhere in between.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re thinking, Christianity Explored is a place for you to explore what life is all about.

What is Christianity Explored?

Christianity Explored gives you time to think about the big questions of life, and to explore the life of the person at the heart of the Christian faith – Jesus Christ.

The course is informal and relaxed over eight weeks. It’s for anyone who wants to think about what Christianity says about the meaning of life. It’s open to men and women, aged 16 and up. You don’t have to know anything about the Bible, and won’t be asked to read aloud, pray or sing. Best of all, you can ask any question you want. Here’s some videos to preview what it’s all about:

We hope to see you there!

Come once and check it out. If you need to miss a week or can’t come to the first one, you can start coming at any time. And you can stop coming at any time too, for any reason.

To find out when the next Christianity Explored course is happening, visit the events page for details.

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