Why Membership?

Committed membership in a local church body of believers is clearly the way Christians operated in The New Testament. Aside from regular attendance and even participation in church Bible studies or programs, formal membership is encouraged for those who are ready to make a public profession of faith. If you have not been baptized, this too is part of the process.

How Do I Become A Member?

Information coming soon.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Member?

As a committed member of the church of Jesus Christ, diligently attending worship services at Trinity is a high priority for members.

Outside of worship services, walking with Christ and fellowship with other believers through regular and personal Bible study is the lifeblood of a Christian. This too is a high-priority for the committed member. Included with this is prayer and giving personal witness to people in your community when God gives us the opportunity. Getting involved in other church programs is also greatly encouraged as an opportunity to use the gifts God has given you for his glory.

Further, after praying and seeking God’s wisdom, giving back to the Lord a portion of what you have received in terms of financial support for the ministry of our church is also a priority. No specific amount is required, or suggested. Your giving is between you and the Lord. If you’d like more guidance on where this is found in the Bible and how to to be faithful, ask an elder and he’ll discuss the principles with you.