Joy To The World

Once again it is that time of year
When the world kicks into high gear.
It’s top priority to buy
Presents for every girl or guy
Who made it on your “nice list.”

Presents bring smiles, hugs and joy,
And there is some fun with the new toy.
But not too much time passes
when the joy turns into ashes.
It is all but fleeting pleasures.

So, focus now, on the real Christmas morn,
When the Son of God as a baby was born.
There He in a manger did lay
Watched over by His mother Mary.
He’s God’s gift that brings lasting joy.

The Lord Jesus is the true reason
Of why we have a Christmas season.
Each year we remember His birth,
And the reason He came down to earth:
To save His people from their sins.

God showed that we are to Him a treasure,
Which gives us true joy in deep measure.
God keeps us joyful in Him for life,
Whether it is pleasant or filled with strife.
Soli Deo Gloria! (To God be all the glory!)

  • a beautiful poem written by one of our members